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What is Yalla Kafala

Yalla Kafala is an NGO founded in 2020 pursuing the goal of an orphan-less Egypt by 2030. Yalla Kafala is creating a better life for orphans in Egypt by raising awareness about Kafala (adoption), easing the kafala process for families, and guiding and preparing kafala families by equipping them with the tools to raise emotionally healthy children.

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Questions and Answers

Can I choose the baby I will adopt? How?
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After receiving a letter of approval, you can visit one of the orphanages of your choice and start to look out for a child that would fit into your family. Some families look for small babies, others prefer an older child. Discuss your preferences and what your capabilities are with the orphanage and they will be able to guide you and you can initiate what we call the bonding time.

How long does the process of application till approval take?
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In the past it used to take different amount of time depending on the governorate where application was submitted (sometimes 3 months, in others 6 months or more)

With the new kafala system being implemented it will be maximum 4.5 months and as soon as the assessment by the MOSS is completed for the family, they can start their journey of searching for their child (most commonly it is 3 months or less).

What papers do I need?
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  • National ID.
  • Educational diploma of each spouse or for the mother in case a single mother applies.
  • Medical certificate for each spouse.
  • Criminal record of each spouse.
  • Marriage certificate.
  • Income statement for different sources of income.
  • Contract of the owned house in Egypt.
  • Contract of rented flat (recent electricity and water bills).
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Posts & News

Small House Initiative

Small House Initiative

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Documentary about Kafala

Documentary about Kafala

A documentary film about sponsorship in Egypt. A creative artwork that tells the story of Rasha Mekki and her Kafala journey with her son Mustafa, We hope you enjoy watching 🤗 🎥 💝

What Happens When Parents Wait to Tell a Child He’s Adopted

What Happens When Parents Wait to Tell a Child He’s Adopted

An article of the utmost importance .. Because it is as clear as its title, it talks about what happens when parents delay the news of their children with the fact of their adoption